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Boys kissing techniques

Research has shown that if a poor kisser to reduce the chance to build a long-term relationship with a woman nearly half. This means that if you do not have the skills to kiss the chance of the half and half or more, that women are still far from a relationship with you is where you find that you do not know how to kiss.

This does not mean that there are women out there who do not continue the relationship with a man who is not really a fire with a kiss. The other half of the female population is a man who is not the greatest kisser in the world is still okay ... although he would be happy to die, if you know how to curl your toes with kisses.

You ask yourself if it's a good kisser or not? A simple test is to think back and try to remember where all the old friends comments on your ability to kiss. If you've never heard constantly in all or most of the ex-girlfriend that you're a great kisser, there's not a very good chance. Women love to kiss you, and do not judge people to be able to kiss. This is usually a topic of conversation between the boyfriend and his friends together after a while.

All hope is not lost, but if you do not kiss on the skills and abilities. Like any skill, you can kiss talent to learn and improve, if you're ready. And what a good thing to learn! You can be sure that your girlfriend or wife appreciates the effort and notice changes right away.

Here are some tips to help you get started is a real talent in the kiss and how hot things with your girlfriend or wife.

The frame - reinforce the frame, if you kiss. This means that if you kiss the body forms the letter A. .. like a ladder. Tighten and move closer to him. Press the body against hers, when you kiss. Maybe even just a hand on the waist and pull it tightly to you.

There is a good possibility that you will not even notice that you're a foot or two away, when you kiss. You will be amazed how much more intimate and steamy kiss at things, and now tightened. Try it out ... You will love it.

Open your mouth - do not forget to Kiss Kiss coupling step leading to France. It's tempting at this stage between the simple open-mouthed kiss that things began to heat up. You can also create a game and see who will be the first to go to a full French kiss. Of course, do not let too much time, or just think you're curious, and you do not know how to French kiss. Some women simply are not aggressive and will not perform this step until you are.

Neck - The neck, shoulders, ears and neck bones in all areas important to embrace, if you take a break, or if you want to mix things up a bit. Experience and let me tell you what the reaction to sensitive sectors, and what makes you happy.

A variety of things open-mouth kiss on the neck and collarbone area and even a little French kissing in this area occurs in the area just gently blow kisses. Both conservative or inhalation of air into the open mouth or nose creates a cooling effect. Be careful around the ears with this technique though. Remember, sweet breath on her neck strong, and maybe even dull ear.

Take a few suggestions to heart, and you may be surprised at the reaction to get a girlfriend or wife. A man who really knows how to kiss, evaluated, and kissing is a skill that is often overlooked by men. This is not the only steps that will lead to an intimate relationship, but it is a sign of a more rational and able to give thanks for the sympathy of women. Why not learn how to do it?


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